Prizing Donors

The awesome Double Prizing in the Sunday Open would not be possible without generous donations from the following community members:

  • JoshHatter
  • ghandy47
  • Amaterasu4242
  • kashmann27
  • marinersfan747
  • heatwave285
  • AlguineGX
  • shapkin
  • zster
  • steve2610
  • dctsys
  • Leponi
  • kaiserscorch
  • tubbs20
  • alexiproduce
  • SandyGrabbit
  • stanleyrallen2
  • UltraSonicGreen
  • MeMaanhc
  • SSMariete
  • aipom2399
  • cvramen
  • Shiny8
  • silvershadw
  • TovarGX
  • Travo112
  • douggie305
  • senordoom
  • victinicup
  • Dumjay
  • cdecubo
  • Killrnite
  • Logrus47
  • damionkashu
  • sofwrmann
  • jotuelo
  • cardadvantageca
  • ECNAVillain
  • GrayGaming
  • Lans_94
  • PhoenixDzns
  • silukarm
  • adamgold
  • Davros1234
  • xjonnysniperx
  • Alqaholik
  • b0sskar
  • chaoticz0roark
  • muliwashere
  • TeamAbra87
  • vaporeonMaxH
  • YeetPikachuYeet
  • curly770
  • FormerlyCB5K
  • halemanukid
  • KjeldoranMoron
  • RowenDragon88
  • skybluecoop
  • TeamOmnipoke
  • Matt77_7
  • aetherweb
  • avarinjr88
  • azelf705
  • BSFanning
  • Frodo2403
  • frozendukie
  • Gassy165
  • GGZaga
  • grillorinho
  • liamkidd
  • Sean_Maher
  • wingman_6

Donation Transparency

The Sunday Open

Online Pokémon TCG tournaments throughout lockdown

What is The Sunday Open?

Since the suspension of all organized play activities for the Pokémon TCG in March 2020, we have been running a tournament every Sunday on PTCGO. We are hoping to provide some regular structure around which members of the community can gather and continue to enjoy playing Pokémon, should they wish to do so.

How do I Register?

Tournaments run every week on Sunday from 4PM UTC with Registration closing 1 hour prior. Use World Time Buddy to find your local time. Registration is open to players of all ages and location. Please hop onto the Discord server for more info - Come and join us!

Join the Discord

What are the rules?

We try to keep it as relaxed as possible, only introducing rules when a situation arises that makes it necessary. Our current rules are below, but these can change at any point; live and up-to-date rules are kept on the Discord Server.

  • All communication must be family friendly and in English
  • Do not insult or argue with other players in chat. If you have any issues with an player or community member at all please communicate via an @Organiser
  • Matches must be played as Standard Format, timed challenges on PTCGO
  • You may change your deck between matches during phase 1
  • All rounds during swiss phases are Best of 1 with a 25 minute time limit and Top 4 is Best of 3 with a 45 minute time limit
  • Winner must take a screenshot of the winner screen
  • Loser must report the result to the Match Results channel on the Discord server
  • Ties earn 0 match points, so count as a loss for both players
  • If you disconnect from your opponent at any time after the coin toss or your game crashes then you lose automatically

What's all this about double prizing?

We are very fortunate to have had many community members donate online packs to the prize pool, which allows us to give out 2 online packs in prizing for every 1 we receive in entry fees.

This is only possible due to the generous donations we receive


These translations are community led and may be incomplete or contain errors. We do our best; If you find any mistakes or are able to assist with translation into any language, please hop onto the Discord to let us know


Alongside the awesome community donations, we also need to shout out to the following:

  • RK9 Labs for allowing us to use their Live Pairings software
  • Topcoat for enabling us to pull this website together in a couple of hours
  • Discord for their free-to-use chat-server software
  • Purple Pixel for allowing us to use their awesome surfing Porygon design